Nissan Repair

In April 2013, Japanese vehicle manufacturers issued recalls due to an airbag malfunction. Vehicle brands affected by this included Nissan, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Mazda, and BMW. This mass recall of over 3 million vehicles between all brands was due to a small metal canister inside the air bag, the very thing that allows it to deploy, would explode under too much pressure. An explosion of this part would send metal flying through the vehicle cabin, potentially harming anyone inside the car.

Faulty parts will always be an issue, and Nissan repair shops will always be necessary. As demand grows, manufacturers look for cheaper parts so they can maximize profits on each vehicle sold. Sometimes this leads to cheaply made parts, bad materials that cannot handle normal vehicle functioning, and the need major mechanical repairs.

Consumer Expectations

As consumers, we place our trust in these manufacturers. We expect quality products that keeps our family safe during use. We travel a lot. Sometimes, we make small trips. Other times, we go on vacation, or travel many miles to our destination. We need reliable vehicles with parts that work when they need to, especially the airbags.

Corporate Responsibility

When problems do arise, we expect the manufactures to be honest about it and do their best to remedy the issues. By issuing recalls, the manufacturer fulfills their end of the deal. They are taking steps to inform the public there is a problem. It is always best when malfunctioning parts are caught before the vehicle goes on sale to the public, but this is not always possible. This example just shows why Nissan repair shops, and the repair shops of other brands, are so important to consumers. Many times, they catch issues the manufacturers miss.

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